Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dry Spell

Guess who's back? Well, it's just me. I've decided to be an active blogger from now on... There's so much to be said, it would be a shame to let things go by unposted. :) Ok, I'm blabbing now...
We've had a very eventful month. Icons passing, hurricanes as well, and don't get me started on the flu, which pretty much brought out the paranoid mom in me. No malling for Jacob for the mean time. Updates...
MAY: We celebrated my birthday, my parents anniversary, and our housewarming as well. Just when I thought my mom's house parties are reserved for her house... Jacob also got admitted for urinary tract infection at the Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital
. We had a comfortable experience in this hospital. In my opinion, this is the most organized, the cleanest, most hassle-free hospital in Davao. Of course I don't have any plans of getting admitted there soon. We stayed there for 6 days. Let me tell you, it's not always a pleasant experience to see your 4 month old baby in pain (from the heplock). But Jacob's really brave, I'm so proud of him.


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