Saturday, November 28, 2009


That is the only word that I could think of to describe the suspect in the Maguindanao Massacre. How can a human being stomach that kind of act? And at what cost? To think, my parents live in the same neighborhood as they here in Davao. Ever since they lived in our subdivision, we have been intimidated by the sight of huge cars of his entourage that visit Davao every week. Violating traffic rules, his "posse" of black cars blaze thru traffic even the US President would envy. Sobra na. Davao is not their city.

I find it unfair to describe Mindanao as a "lawless island". Davao is part of Mindanao. The media should be clear about this. Maguindanao is where these people "rule". Maguindanao is the third poorest in the country, but it's "leaders" live in palatial mansions, own a number of luxury cars, and whatnot. The government has been playing blind long enough.

What are the chances that the prime suspect will be found guilty? I sure hope and pray that justice will prevail. Let us continue to pray. For the families of the victims, for Mindanao, for this clan, for the president, for the new leaders. May they not be overtaken by power, by greed.

The infamous massacre has made it to Wikipedia.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Manny Pacquiao on Time Mag Cover


Among other things. He and his so-called entourage were even mentioned on The New York Times. Sometimes we wonder does anyone need such a large group of people to function for him and do things for him. In Manny's case, they just want to sleep on the foot of his bed. It's a must read, I tell you. So click on that link right now!

He is even mentioned in the Sports Illustrated website, in an article by Chris Mannix, on why Pacquiao is his choice for Sportsman of the year(2009):

Like most professional athletes, Pacquiao spends money as he makes it. But his paychecks don't go towards a fleet of cars or flashy bling. His money goes back into his country. For Filipinos, Pacquiao is a one-man stimulus package. When he's not fighting, Pacquiao can routinely be found in General Santos City, handing out bags of food and wads of cash to anyone who needs it. When a series of typhoons ravaged the islands recently, Pacquiao was on the front lines handing out supplies. His home isn't his hideaway. If someone shows up looking for a handout, chances are they walk away with one.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Books and more Books

Looks like somebody got carried away.

When I saw this book at National Bookstore, I couldn't believe my eyes! I had to get it!

It's always relaxing, and therapeutic (for me) to go to a bookstore and browse for hours! Even better if I get some treasured finds. :)

What relaxes you?

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Piece of Me ... November 2009 Edition

This is a post started by the Toothfairy. I have decided to post as well coz I wanna remember my state of mind for every month that passed. I will try to have a "A Piece of Me" post every first Sunday of the month. Well, I'm one day late so I better get started.

This month....
I like: to have a postpartum massage again. Perhaps also a facial, foot spa, and mani/pedi.

I don't like: unsolicited advice. If you haven't gone through what I'm going through, please get off my back. Chances are, you don't know what you're talking about anyway.

I want you to know: that being a mom is the most challenging, difficult, but most wonderful job in the world.

I've planned: to start attending Sunday Mass again with Ron and Jacob. That was our tradition, Ron and I, before we got married. And to have lots of family outings when Jacob gets bigger.

I want to say to someone special: To my son and my husband, you are my world. Without you, life is meaningless.

If you want to join, visit this site.

Ron and I will watch The Time Traveler's Wife later. Probably catch a bite to eat too.

PLDT Call-All

(This is not a paid review.)

How much is your cellphone bill lately? If you're a postpaid subscriber like moi, you probably call home a lot while you're out, especially if you have a kid. Being a new mom, I think about my son 3,218,544 times in a day when I'm at work. And when we lost our internet connection for a week, I couldn't ignore my emails, that's why I had to connect using my phone. And with the default kilobyte browsing of my service provider, my cellphone bill more than tripled! Yikes!

Seeing that I had an obvious spike in my bill, my dad and brother enrolled me in PLDT Call-All. It's basically like having your landline with you all the time. You enroll, and they give you a sim card that you can use in a cellphone(look for your old, functioning ones laying around inside your drawers), If you're an existing PLDT subscriber, they just add... Php 250.00 per month to the monthly fee! If you're a new subscriber, it's Php 850.00 per month. Not bad eh?

What makes Call-All different and budget friendly? It's a service that allows free local calls to your home zone even when you're anywhere in the Philippines.

For more info, pls. check out this site.


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