Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Excerpts from the book "Uplifts" by John H. Hampsch

"We all make things--we make good, we make trouble, or we make excuses."

"Lending is better than giving--as in lending a hand versus giving advice."

"The silver lining is easier to look for in someone else's cloud."

"Dreams come true for those who don't oversleep."

"Think of work as something you get to do, not something you gotta do."

"What you have will do no good unless you do good with it."

"The key to triumph is its first syllable."

"Today is seldom too early, tomorrow is often too late."

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tired Day

I have so much to finish, & yet when I look back at the day that passed, it seems that I didn't really accomplish anything in particular. Here's my "To-do" list for tomorrow:

  1. have truck pictures developed & deliver them to the insurance office;
  2. upload some photos & edit to post on my photography site;
  3. get a haircut;
  4. groceries;
  5. get better so I can go swimming again. (i feel so unhealthy lately)
  6. buy cellphone load (115)
  7. Have my picture w/ my Mom (during the wedding) developed & give to her.

Just last year I dabbled with digital photography(out of interest & boredom) & really learned a lot of pointers & tips. But after taking photographs, it takes me so long to actually look at them one-by-one, & make improvements. The result: a lot of un-uploaded,stagnant photos filling my 3gig only memory card. It's just that, when I do get my hands on the computer & the picture editing software, I'm so beat & it's late in the evening.

Hope tomorrow will be more productive.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Want to change the look of your blog?

Go to

They have free layouts for blogger, tabulas, xanga, etc.

This site is a sister site of

It's advocacy is to end mass poverty, & hunger. By participating in a vocabulary game, each time you get the right answer, you donate 20 grains(they counted?!) of rice through the UN World Food program.

Now the question... Isn't there a food shortage situation, particularly rice, & other types of crops? Will this affect the donations that go through the site everyday?


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