Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tired Day

I have so much to finish, & yet when I look back at the day that passed, it seems that I didn't really accomplish anything in particular. Here's my "To-do" list for tomorrow:

  1. have truck pictures developed & deliver them to the insurance office;
  2. upload some photos & edit to post on my photography site;
  3. get a haircut;
  4. groceries;
  5. get better so I can go swimming again. (i feel so unhealthy lately)
  6. buy cellphone load (115)
  7. Have my picture w/ my Mom (during the wedding) developed & give to her.

Just last year I dabbled with digital photography(out of interest & boredom) & really learned a lot of pointers & tips. But after taking photographs, it takes me so long to actually look at them one-by-one, & make improvements. The result: a lot of un-uploaded,stagnant photos filling my 3gig only memory card. It's just that, when I do get my hands on the computer & the picture editing software, I'm so beat & it's late in the evening.

Hope tomorrow will be more productive.

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