Friday, November 13, 2009

Manny Pacquiao on Time Mag Cover


Among other things. He and his so-called entourage were even mentioned on The New York Times. Sometimes we wonder does anyone need such a large group of people to function for him and do things for him. In Manny's case, they just want to sleep on the foot of his bed. It's a must read, I tell you. So click on that link right now!

He is even mentioned in the Sports Illustrated website, in an article by Chris Mannix, on why Pacquiao is his choice for Sportsman of the year(2009):

Like most professional athletes, Pacquiao spends money as he makes it. But his paychecks don't go towards a fleet of cars or flashy bling. His money goes back into his country. For Filipinos, Pacquiao is a one-man stimulus package. When he's not fighting, Pacquiao can routinely be found in General Santos City, handing out bags of food and wads of cash to anyone who needs it. When a series of typhoons ravaged the islands recently, Pacquiao was on the front lines handing out supplies. His home isn't his hideaway. If someone shows up looking for a handout, chances are they walk away with one.


Yani said...

i hope pacman sticks with boxing...he is making the pinoys proud and happy just by giving a good fight and emerging need to be a politician to do that! "-"v

Honey said...

Yeah, I agree.

kEwL MomMa said...

Hi Mella! Yes, I'm back!!! ...the hub bought me a yeah, I'm back for good! ;)

Golden said...

I don't think he needs a large entourage. Probably those people volunteered themselves to be a part of Manny's entourage. It seems everybody wants to associate themselves with Manny in different ways.

Honey said...

I agree Golden, those ppl practically threw themselves at him.

Golden said...

Wow! You have the Huffington Post blogging book? Inggit ako.

I'm not yet sure sis if I'm preggy. Hehe. I have to wait until next week pa. :D


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