Saturday, November 28, 2009


That is the only word that I could think of to describe the suspect in the Maguindanao Massacre. How can a human being stomach that kind of act? And at what cost? To think, my parents live in the same neighborhood as they here in Davao. Ever since they lived in our subdivision, we have been intimidated by the sight of huge cars of his entourage that visit Davao every week. Violating traffic rules, his "posse" of black cars blaze thru traffic even the US President would envy. Sobra na. Davao is not their city.

I find it unfair to describe Mindanao as a "lawless island". Davao is part of Mindanao. The media should be clear about this. Maguindanao is where these people "rule". Maguindanao is the third poorest in the country, but it's "leaders" live in palatial mansions, own a number of luxury cars, and whatnot. The government has been playing blind long enough.

What are the chances that the prime suspect will be found guilty? I sure hope and pray that justice will prevail. Let us continue to pray. For the families of the victims, for Mindanao, for this clan, for the president, for the new leaders. May they not be overtaken by power, by greed.

The infamous massacre has made it to Wikipedia.


Golden said...

I still feel sad and mad at what happened in Maguindanao. It was way beyond inhumanity. My prayers are with the families of the massacre victims.

Honey said...

Same here sis. This crime should not go unresolved.


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