Monday, November 2, 2009

PLDT Call-All

(This is not a paid review.)

How much is your cellphone bill lately? If you're a postpaid subscriber like moi, you probably call home a lot while you're out, especially if you have a kid. Being a new mom, I think about my son 3,218,544 times in a day when I'm at work. And when we lost our internet connection for a week, I couldn't ignore my emails, that's why I had to connect using my phone. And with the default kilobyte browsing of my service provider, my cellphone bill more than tripled! Yikes!

Seeing that I had an obvious spike in my bill, my dad and brother enrolled me in PLDT Call-All. It's basically like having your landline with you all the time. You enroll, and they give you a sim card that you can use in a cellphone(look for your old, functioning ones laying around inside your drawers), If you're an existing PLDT subscriber, they just add... Php 250.00 per month to the monthly fee! If you're a new subscriber, it's Php 850.00 per month. Not bad eh?

What makes Call-All different and budget friendly? It's a service that allows free local calls to your home zone even when you're anywhere in the Philippines.

For more info, pls. check out this site.

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