Monday, October 19, 2009

Sale Loot

I was thinking of buying Christmas gifts since this weekend in Davao a lot of sales were going on. But instead, I bought stuff for me & Jacob ;-).

Here's what we bought Jacob:
(Ashbee high chair)
As you can see in the background, the high chair is not the only thing that we bought for him. We bought Ashbee stroller and walker as well. His Dad insisted on the walker. Jacob doesn't like it yet, he still needs to get used to it. The high chair he loves. We decided to buy him one after we had dinner at Bigby's restaurant. It was a relief because Jacob likes to grab stuff and watch them fall (yikes!).

(Jacob at Bigby's)
Enjoy them while you're still "tiny" nak!


Golden said...

Haha! Sis, how old is your baby? Jamjam loves grabbing and dropping things too. This is actually one of our activities at home. I heard babies learn how cause and effect work through this simple activity kaya kahit nakakapagod, ginagawa pa rin namin ni Jam.

Honey said...

Hi Golden, Jacob is 9 mos. already. I know, sometimes I lose my patience pero sige lang, all for his development. =)


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