Friday, July 10, 2009

To buy or not to buy?

Last December 2008, I posted my Christmas wishlist. I am happy to say that 50% of that list has been fulfilled. I am thankful, believe it or not. But I still want that Canon G10. I already have a Canon 400D dslr, but it's just too bulky to carry around, not to mention paparazzi-like and every person would feel threatened (Hello? Lindsay Lohan is that you? I don't think so!). Did I mention the 14.7 megapixels? And Martha Stewart has one! =( Should I?
The old-school appearance of a film camera looks good, yes?


irmiana said...

I have the Canon G9, and it's been awesome. I'd say go for the G10 if you can afford it :-) (I only went for the G9 because 9 is my number, lol)


Janelle said...

that's an awesome camera, get it if you can!


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