Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Papang

Today is my father in-law's birthday.

What makes this year special, in a way, is because he has Lung cancer, stage 3. They discovered it just this year, in March. Ron, although he has a very optimistic outlook in life, is saying that this may be his Dad's last birthday. He has accepted it. I remember thinking when we found out, why can't we just feel one emotion at a time? Before March, Ron was having the time of his life, being a new Dad himself. Then came this bomb that his own Dad's life is in danger. If I were in his shoes, I'd be too stubborn to accept a fact like that.

I'm sad for our Papang. He may not be able to see Jacob grow up and go to school, or be able to graduate, or witness Jacob have a crush. I'm wishing that he would be around long enough to see Jacob walk, run, or utter his first words. Long enough to hear Jacob say "Lolo" to him.

Please pray for our Papang.


Golden said...

I've read some stories before about a lung cancer patient who was able to survive from it. He just ate lots of fruits and vegetables. I think you can research it from the internet. He's a Chinese doctor.

Sis, I am praying for your Papang's recovery. I know it isn't that easy but just keep on praying, miracles do happen.

rjs mama said...

sis golden is right, miracles do happen. pray, pray and pray. God knows what is best for us

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Rej said...

nasad naman ako. :( basta keep on trusting the Lord.

btw, your son is cute :) hope wala na syang sakit.


Honey said...

Thank you Golden, RJ's Mama, and Rej for the nice comments. Thank you for your prayers.


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