Saturday, January 9, 2010

Piece of Me - January 2010

Sorry for the delay folks. I've been soooo busy last month, it's not even funny, or fun! I wasn't able to post this last Sunday because it was my son's first birthday, and we had a party at home. A crazy party. My parents were shocked at the number of guests that arrived. Duh! Parents' guests + my guests + my relatives + hubby's guests + hubby's relatives = pandemony! As if they didn't expect this. That's why I wanted the party to be held somewhere else, and not at home. The experience was a little traumatic for me, if not for the cute gifts that my son received. Never again!
How fast time flies. My son is growing up before my eyes! *sniff* Seems like only yesterday I gave birth to him, now he's walking by himself (albeit wobbly), holding the milk bottle by himself. *sigh*

Anyway... better late than.. oh you get the drift!

This month....I like:
To finish all my pending reports for work and not start the new year with worries, and unfinished stuff. Also to start listing my goals for 2010. :) I have to think hard about that last one.

I don't like: People asking me if I'm pregnant. Hellooooo!

I want you to know: I've been a lousy blogger.

I've planned: To go out more, bring Jacob on outings.

I want to say to someone special: I hope this year will be for the family.

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dio t'ama said...

wishes do come true... :)


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