Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why I Miss Cebu City

I'm a Davaoena. I was born here, resumed studying elementary, until College, and eventually settled down in this peaceful, laid-back city. My heart belongs to Davao. But of course there's always a "one that got away". In my case, it's Cebu.

We transferred to Cebu when I was just 2 yrs. old. And we stayed there for seven years. After I got married, my husband went back there for his work (call center). So as a compromise, I went to Cebu every month to be with him. That's when I got to know Cebu for who she really is.

All my life, I was sheltered. My parents being very strict about me going out late, and eventually I lost interest in having many friends because in my mind, what's the point? I can't go to parties, I have to come home at a fixed time, and I had to stay at the family business. I couldn't try working at other companies because my Dad didn't allow it. But thank God he allowed for me to go to Cebu for 1 week every month after I got married. That was one condition he gave my husband, that I stay in Davao so he will give us his blessing to get married.

Whenever I went to Cebu, my husband, as an employee of a large call center, was only able to spend "quality" time with me on his days off. He worked late hours, as do most call center employees. So he slept from 12 noon to 8 PM, and went to work at 10-11PM. Leaving me with no other activity during the daytime than to explore the city on my own, and sometimes with my Aunt who also lives there.

And no I didn't miss it because of the malls, the designer retail stores, the new restaurants, the swanky hotels, or the popular coffee shops. I missed Cebu because it was there that for the first time, I knew what freedom tasted like. Ironically, it was when I got married that I got to taste, and savor it. And Cebu didn't disappoint. The people are still so nice, the food delicious, the places authentic & properly preserved. It was still the Cebu I remembered from my childhood, but with a lot of improvements. Sometimes I wonder, what would have happened to me had my family stayed there instead of moving to Davao? Sigh. What if we hadn't moved? I wouldn't have minded at all.

Someday, if circumstances permit, I just might move back there, who knows?

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lorenzo1 said...

love your thoughts of my town, your town, our kind of town . . . how i loved to go back home for a vacation but sad to say we suffered a major setback with this financial crisis so better luck next time. enjoy our CEBU CITY! miss you CEBOOM!

Toothfairy said...

Sorry for spamming you, you know it's not my policy, but I just want to tell all participants of the "A piece of me" game that I've moved my blog to!

btw... if you want to follow me, you'll need to sign up again, as I've noticed people were having trouble following me, so I've deleted the old google connect!



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