Saturday, December 11, 2010

How Are You?

How are you guys? I know, lousy blogger, I am. Yoda, I'm not. hehehe :)

Anyways, what's new with me?

Love. My brother & his girlfriend are getting married next year, in June! Which gives me a good reason to lose 20 more pounds! Argh! I'm stuck right now, I just lost 20 lbs. but I need to lose 20 more. Lipout didn't work with me, Redoxfat did a better job. But I also enrolled with my bro & Dad's weight loss doc (who is such a robot). The trick? Bland food, no oil (not even olive), select fruits & veggies, no rice, chicken & select seafood, definitely no bread. Another thing that I'm anxious about is that my son is their ring bearer. Gulp. 6 more months to practice. Lesdudis!!

Hobby. I have officially gotten tired of photography. The DSLR kind. Every now & then I would dream of new concepts to try, new faces to shoot, new locations. But that's about it. Dreaming & conceptualizing. My work & my slave driver employers are just too demanding. "Excuses" I know. After work, I have my son to spend time with. I have also gotten tired of looking at these enthusiasts, who are literally a dime a dozen. I hate what photography has become. They brag about the type of gear used, the excessive post-processing. A very commercialized photography. I have even put some of my untouched photography books on sale right now. I realized that all I need to take photos is my iphone, the hipstamatic app, & maybe the g10 for special occasions.

Inspiration. I am currently "very" interested in sewing. Not just clothes, but also bags, pillows, runners, making prints, painting fabrics. I am looking to H & M home for inspiration, also Martha Stewart's Sewing Encyclopedia (which I just purchased), Project Runway, Etsy's stationery selection, & Fashion Institute of Design & Arts (where I enrolled for a basic sewing & basic pattern making class). I am so excited, I have gotten overboard with the supplies shopping yet again. I have created a different blog dedicated solely to my "creative journey". All this has made me realize, inspiration drives creativity. I know it now. It is important that artists stay inspired. Which is a very hard thing to do. My plan is, if I am good enough to sew clothes, then I will take up fashion illustration. Because FIDA's 2-yr AA in Fashion Design & Apparel Tech. sounds so tempting right now. (tulo laway)

Death. Last month, my father in-law lost his battle with lung cancer. We discovered it January 2009, already stage 3. Just a day before his grandson was born. Jacob is mainly the reason why he didn't want to go yet. He wanted to see Jacob grow up. It breaks my heart. Jacob got his love for cars, trucks, anything mobile, from his Lolo Jun. He was only 64 years old. Just when he had a new love in his life.

Life. I am making a decision to do & go after what I want (art, creativity), but at the same time, also be a working mom, & a wife. When I was younger(kindergarten to elementary), I have always wanted to be a painter, or a fashion designer. I lost track of those dreams when my parents started to make money in the family business. Suddenly, their work seems so important that I just had to make sure to continue with it. The devoted daughter that I am, I just wanted to please them. So I took up a business course & lost sight of what I truly wanted. Heck, I didn't even remember thinking about art after high school. After college, I realized I made a mistake. I wasn't happy. I was constantly pressured to do their bidding. Be their messenger, record keeper, etc. But as the years passed, I have gotten comfortable with it, they have backed off a little ever since I got married & had a kid. And now, I think I have gained the confidence to go after what I want. And what I want is to learn new things, the things that I'm really interested in. I'm not letting them stop me again. I'm just glad that a second chance is possible.

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