Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Checkup today

I was especially anxious with my check-up with my Ob-Gyne today because I will have my first IE, to check the progress of my dilation. To my surprise, I'm already 2cm dilated. She asked me if I wanted to give birth earlier than my expected due date, and if so, she prescribed Eveprim caps to ripen my cervix. I don't know though, my mom told me to wait it out, since the baby's on-time anyway. I think a walkathon is better to speed up dilation :) Doc says it's ok, as long as there is someone to accompany me. And also, since i want to breastfeed she prescribed Prolacta capsules, & I should start taking these as early as now. Wish me luck!


dio t'ama said...

Automatic makita sa YM kung may blog ka kasi yahoo e-mail ginagamit mo. Makikita ang update mo sa MyBlogLog sa baba ng YM Profile mo.

When will the baby be due?

dio t'ama said...
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Honey said...

The baby is due anytime now... :)


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