Thursday, December 18, 2008


Christmas is only a week away. I haven't bought any of my inaanaks' gifts! I haven't even thought about what to give my husband for his birthday! I don't think I can withstand being in a mall for too long to look for gifts :( You see, as DDay approaches, it gets more & more uncomfortable for me: leg cramps, numb & puffy feet & fingers, lower back pain, frequent kicking (I swear to God, this kid is a kickboxer in utero!), & the frequent visits to the loo. Aside from the lack of gifts to give and increasing discomfort, I'm still concerned over my replacement at the office (esp. for the payroll) since my maternity leave will take effect next week. OMG, I can't believe I might be giving birth sometime in the next 3 weeks! Did I mention that Christmas is only a week away?

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